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Thursday, June 18, 2015

anxiety medications-yay or nay?

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for the LONGEST time, i refused to take these kinds of meds. I imagined one of those people portrayed in movies as being "not there" and just being spacey.

I was wrong. the correct meds in the correct dosages work wonders for sanity. I am not spacey, but I don't overreact as quickly as i used to. I still get angry, but i can sit with the feelings and work through them.

I know there is a stigma about these meds, but if you are suffering and need help, PLEASE talk with your doctor or counselor. it is just NOT worth the pain of suffering through this without help. Then when you are able to handle life without them, talk with your doctor again about getting weened off them correctly.

I didn't, and I paid for it for a while.

sites to save signons

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I used dashlane briefly, didn't understand it.
Then i was using Keeper Security for a while and I liked it, but if you forgot your master password it was a PITA to reset
Now i am on LastPass, very easy to use.

with all of these sites, and i would imagine many more, you have to pay $ either monthly or yearly to encrypt your info for safety. That's a good idea, but if the site, or app, makes it nearly impossible to reset your sign on, is it worth the $$$?